Final Portfolio

Process: This portfolio was created in PowerPoint. My message is to show the skills I have to my audience, who is a prospective design client, a coworker, or anyone who might need well designed visual content. I chose a neutral colored texture as the background for each of my slides to help create unity between the varied projects. I placed a jpeg of each  project into the slides and eye-dropped a color from the project into the title on each slide.  I added a slight drop shadow to each image to make them stand out from the background just a bit. Finally, I uploaded the slide deck to SlideShare to create the file in this blog post.

Critique: I received critiques from Carrie and Eva. They both suggested that I move the top line of my text on the opening and closing slides to avoid tangents with the bottom line of text. I also received a critique from Sister Peterson. She also suggested moving the top line of text. Another thing she suggested was to change the Social Media Marketing slide so it was not so awkward looking with the very long info-graphic. I shrunk the image of the full info-graphic and included a larger image of a close up of a portion of the info-graphic. This makes the slide look better and gives the audience a closer look at the content of the project.

Font Categories and Names:   Script – Amperzand      Sans Serif – Open Sans Extra Bold



  1. luzalinaweinert · December 9, 2015

    Hi Linda,

    I think your slideshow looks great. I really like the message you chose, it sounds very professional and classy. I also like how you matched the font with the color scheme of your project on each slide. The only feedback I have for you is to change the layout of your social media marketing slide. I think it would look very nice in the center rather than the side of the page. You’ve done a great job this semester! If you wouldn’t mind also critiquing my portfolio, I have attached the link in a post below and will attach it under my name in this post.

    Have a great Christmas,

    Lucy Weinert


  2. meganbkelly · December 12, 2015

    Your portfolio looks great! I love the bold titles. It has been a busy and crazy semester but I hope you learned as much as I did! You can check out my work here: or I also loved Kami’s work as well:


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